Kindness Revolutionary

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Be a Kindness Revolutionary...

The Kindness Revolutionary shirt was created in September 2013 as part of the public art project The Light of Human Kindness (LOHK)

It was brought back in the fall of 2016 in response to the election...because we will need kindness now more than ever.

We finished a limited run of shirts for now, but if you would like one please email us at and we will let you know when we print the next batch. 

Here's what we believe: 

Kindness is not doing acts to appease our guilt or to try to prove our goodness, Revolutionary Kindness asks us be bold in our resistance to what we know is not right/true for our fellow humans be honest with each other and ourselves about the state of our nation (and hearts) and the ways we have individually contributed be willing to be uncomfortable while we learn the nuances and implications of our white privilege keep trying when we get it wrong be quiet and listen to the groups of people who have a different skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression and abilities. be ridiculously bold in our belief of the power of empathy and kindness act, to serve, to give- not because we are good people, but because we *know* and deeply feel our own humanity...and know just how much we need each other and how much we need kindness ourselves believe that kindness can change or touch something when no one else around you can see or believe it take kindness to places where none seems to exist, or to seek and discover it in the unimaginable try, just try kindness as a way of understanding the world and yourself offer what we have and nothing more, not to save the world, not to fix, but to follow our call as humans- the outcome is not our business

This kindness humbles you, makes you fierce, stretches you in ways you didn't see coming, checks you, heals you, reveals your biases, comforts, disturbs, empowers, changes *you*.