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Side Walk Chalk Love- What do you do when kids are nervous the night before the first day of school? You and your kids stealthily put on your hoodies and let your inner graffiti artist go wild on the sidewalks of the school- sharing messages everyone needs! Well, this chalk love spread and kids and parents all over the nation scribble their goodness every fall. Read more here.  

The Great Ding Dong Ditch- A nine year old girl wrote "Hope is never too far away, maybe this will help you find it." on a card with some sunflowers and left it on a random doorstep, ran the doorbell and ran. You can read how it all started here. What happens when we turn a prank into kindness? Sheer joy and delight! 

*always start with someone you know, never ding ding ditch without parental supervision! 


The Magic Wand Project-  The MWP all started with a discussion on the truth of magic between a 7 year old brother Jack (age 7) and his sister Lucy (age 5)...find out what happens kids discover what their kindness magic can do in their community. You can read about it here.

Pennies In Protest- In March 2010, a hate group came to our hometown of Richmond, Virginia to protest local Jewish and LGBT organizations. Instead of combating hate with more anger, we came together as a group of friends, and used the visit as an opportunity to spread kindness through the community. In  less than a week, we raised over $14K and gave it directly to the targeted organizations. You can do it, too. Find out how here.

These are just a few projects over the years to find more, you can check out these links:

The Great Day of Garbage Gratitude- a city comes together to offer respect and honor our sanitation workers! 

Guerrilla Goodness- a site full of kindness missions and a free Family Kindness Kindness Kit!

Swearing is Caring- a kid asks his mom to please stop swearing (yikes!), then they invite the whole USA to join them in contributing to a shared swear jar! (proceeds went to kids in the LGBTQ community trying to find their voice)